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Landing Page Report & Exporting Reports

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I was trying to find the total number of Users by Landing Page in GA. The default Landing Page report for some reason doesn't give this figure, as far as I can see, only the amount of New Users is shown for some reason.


I created a custom report to see Users and Sessions by Landing Page then. While Sessions was correct compared to what the Audience>Overview report states, Users was slightly off (53k vs 56k). Then I exported the custom report to a CSV, and for some reason the amount of Users changed dramatically (85k when broken down by landing page and 101k when broken down by date). 


I have no filter on the custom report, the date range is unchanged. I have the highest precision set on my custom report, but I can't see anyway to get that on the Audience>Overview report, so that could explain the 3k difference there. But I'm trying to understand why the exported report results would be so different from the results shown on GA. I made sure all rows were visible in GA before exporting.


Is this a known bug or is there something I'm missing?




Re: Landing Page Report & Exporting Reports

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It's not a bug because same users are counting more than one time in your landing page report.

Let's assume we have only one user who has made two sessions each one to other landing page.

In Audience > Overview you will have 1 User and 2 Sessions.

But in Your custom report you will have 1 user and 1 session for each landing page so it will be 2 users and 2 sessions.

Re: Landing Page Report & Exporting Reports

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Hi Tomasz, thanks for your reply. Ok, so that explains the difference between the Audience>Overview report and the custom report.

But the real problem I'm having is the difference between the customer report (56k total Users) and the CSV exported custom report (85k total Users when broken down by landing page and 101k when broken down by date).

Any idea why I might be seeing that?

Re: Landing Page Report & Exporting Reports

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If you break down report by date you get more segmented data. So same users could be counted multiple times for different dates and different landing pages.
But I'm wondering how did you count number of users in your custom report before exporting.