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Issue with content grouping

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Iv'e created a group with 9 different rules - 8 of them work and i see the names i've given them but 1 doesn't and i see "(not set)" in the reports.

All 9 follow this rule: "page" "contains" "/page-name/"

*I'm using GA premium 

Re: Issue with content grouping

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Content Grouping starts working from the point you create the groups and forward, it does not work retroactively.
So, if you have created a grouping that does not appear in your report, this could be because that page group has not been viewed yet. If there is no data for the group, it won't appear in your report.

the (not set) is the bucket where GA places pages that do not meet any of the rules you have defined in your content grouping (or if you are looking at a date range that is prior to the setup of Content Grouping).

Hope this helps,

Re: Issue with content grouping

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Hy Grant
Thanks but it's not that, the group i'm missing is a high-volume traffic section of the site

Re: Issue with content grouping

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So, if you click through the (not set) section do you see some of the pages of the section from your site that are included in that missing group?
Another words, if the section of your site that is not showing up is "XYZ" do you see pages from section XYZ within the (not set) bucket?

If so, it sounds like the problem is with your configuration can you share a screenshot or a detailed description of your content settings?

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Re: Issue with content grouping

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Fixed it
For some idiotic reason simply changing from "page matches /example" to-> "page regex \/example" did it...
Go figure...