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Is there a custom report for this?

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We created a landing page for my client and set up a goal for a number of different clicks on the page she wanted to track. My client would like to see a report that show where people feel off, ie. 500 people visited over 7 days, what percent exited after clicking the Video button, what percent exited after like the Baby Box button, etc. She likes the Shopping Behavior tab under e-Commerce in Analytics and would like a report that breaks down all of her visits to a specific landing page all in one place instead of going to her Goals and seeing 15 clicked the Video Button, 25 people clicked the Baby Box. Is there a custom report that can help me show all this information or something close to it? Thank you in advance!!

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Re: Is there a custom report for this?

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Hi Hawk

Not that i know of. I would set up a dashboard in GA (customization > dashboards). and create elements for the different steps. Then your will have them all in one place. But there is ofcourse a limit to the number of elements you can put in a dashboard.


e: Is there a custom report for this?

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Hi @Hawk S,


You can create a Sequence segment to achieve this. As step one, you should have your event as Step 1 and page path as of the page that you have the buttons.


Your segment should look like this(please do not forget to change the even details, url path):


This will segment the sessions of your visitors that clicked Baby Box button and then exited the website right after(no other events or pageviews in between).


I hope this helps you to solve your problem.