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Is possible create this custom report ?

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Hi I have a little service of virtual tours and I have created some custom events.  using Google Tag assistant I am checking if everything is good, But I have notice that Tag assistant, show me a great report by page about my events.


I am trying to reproduce this report with custom report but I could not do it.  I like the idea to know what events were triggered for one specific page or all pages.


Is possible to do this with a report ?  Example in of the report of tag assitant here:




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Re: Is possible create this custom report ?

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Hi Saul,

You could create something very similar in a custom report, although you might need to spread it across a couple of tabs.

To get the events table showing page > category > action > label:
Create a new custom report
Under the Report Content section where it says Type select Flat Table
Add the dimensions Page, Event Category, Event Action and Event Label
Add the Metrics Total Events and Unique Events

To get the site content table
Click add report tab under Report content
Add the dimension page
Add the metric pageviews (or unique pageviews)

To get the first page/ladt page hit you could do something like:
Click add report tab under Report content
Select flat table
Add dimensions Landing Page and Exit Page
Add metric Sessions

Those three tabs should provide a similar report to the one in your screen shot.



Re: Is possible create this custom report ?

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Thanks Nick Smiley Happy