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Is it possible to see reports for every X sessions (rather than by day/week/month etc..)?

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I have a website with thousands of sessions every days. For different reasons, I'd like to know if there is a way to see reports gathering group of X sessions (X to be determined by us and to be displayed in chronological order) rather than by hours/days/weeks/months.

For instance, during one day, we get 1000 sessions. Let's say we want to see the average session duration. We could have the average duration for the whole day (taking the 1000 sessions - 1 data point). We could also see it by hour (24 data points for each hour).

My question: Is it possible to see it for groups of 100 sessions during this day (we would have 10 data points in that case). The x axis which normally time corresponds to time periods would be replaced by 10 groups of 100 sessions.

This would be a very valuable for us. Any ideas?


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Is it possible to see reports for every X sessions (rather than by day/week/month etc..)?

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You could use custom dimensions and some JavaScript.


So JavaScript counter would count to 10 and then increment variable x by one

Then have custom dimension 'User group' that has the value x


this way you would have 10 sessions with User group 1 and next 10 with User group 2 and so on.


This is very high level. Depending on your setup (fingers crossed you use GTM Smiley Wink ) it takes some time and code to set up.

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