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Indonesia Audience, High Avg. Page Load Time Compared to Website Speed Tester

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Hi there, so I have this site which is hosted in shared hosting in Singapore. When I tested it on website speed tester like or, the page load time averaged between 3-5 seconds.


But when I'm looking at Avg. Page Load Time in Google Analytics, it averaged about 12-15 seconds. Almost all my audiences are from Indonesia. Does this means the high avg. page load time on GA, is because my audiences have slow connections?


I've tried to optimize my site a couple years ago, and now I plan to look at it again. But other than that, is there anything else I can do? Does moving to VPS helps?



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July 2016

Re: Indonesia Audience, High Avg. Page Load Time Compared to Website Speed Tester

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Hi Susilo,


I urge you not to just look at average page load time, but go deeper (e.g. look at the Distributions tab to see page load speed distributions). ‘DOM Timings’ reports are useful as they show how long it takes for your pages to become usable.


What is your SiteSpeedSampleRate?


The default value is 1. The problem is that it only takes in data from about 1% of the visits, and hence it’s often not a statistically valid sample size in Google Analytics. You can increase it, you can use 10 or 20 or whatever you want. Keep in mind, if you don't have a lot of traffic, 1% is a very small number of users.


You can read more about it and can get the instructions here:


Regarding speed, I recommend you to think about that:


1. Use a faster web host

2. Optimize your images

3. Start using a Content Delivery Network

4. Use caching

5. Minimize round-trip times


Use Google to figure out more about these things. There's a ton of articles out there on how to increase the site speed. Smiley Happy


Here are some great pages that I recommend you to check:



Hope this helps.