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Increased bounce rate

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Hello all,


The website that I manage has experienced a sudden increase of the bounce rate in January. 

Until December, the bounce rate was 5-10% and starting January 10 it increased to 55-60%.

I didn't notice any other significant changes to other metrics.


Can you please advise me on how to determine what caused this sudden increase of the bounce rate?


Thank you!

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Increased bounce rate

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Hi @Teofana N,


It sounds like there was a change on your GA implementation. 

5-10% is suspiciously low bounce rate. It might be one of 2 situations:

You had an interaction event that was triggering when user lands on your pages and it is removed or not triggering for some reason.

You had duplicated pageview commands on your pages and it is removed.


If you are using Google Tag Manager, please check the version that is published on that date and see what is changed.


I hope this helps,


Increased bounce rate

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Thank you Güney for your help! Based on your answer I investigated this and apparently the bounce rate was indeed influenced by a plugin deactivated in January. It was triggering interaction events.


Thank you once again!

Increased bounce rate

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You're welcome! Smiley Happy