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Incorrect city captured under geo location for Malaysia country

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Hi all,


Under "Audience" > "Geo" > "Location", after changing from region view to city view, we noticed that there is an incorrect city captured for Malaysia country.

The incorrect city captured in the city view list is Soverato where Soverato is based in Italy.

The below is a screenshot of the Soverato in the list of city for Malaysia country:


When we clicked on Soverato city, the map is pointing to Kedah region (a state name for Malaysia country) as shown in the below screenshot:



Is it possible that this Soverato city shown above is a wrongly named city name for Google Analytics or is there any other explanation?


Please advise if anyone has any feedback, thank you.

Incorrect city captured under geo location for Malaysia country

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Hi Tan,


I'm not entirely sure on this one (might need to do some further research). Is it possible that the user is using a VPN and using a Soverato IP address but accessing the site from Malaysia? I'm not sure how this "could" affect the data in GA but it might be worth looking into.




Re: Incorrect city captured under geo location for Malaysia country

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for the feedback.

We do not believe it is due to VPN and using Soverato IP address as GA has a few thousands "New Users" collected for this year.

After some deeper investigation, we used the collected IP addresses and used a third party geo location service to look up for those IP addresses.

The third party geo location service returned all of the IP addresses are from the Kedah region.

Here are a few examples of the city names that was returned by the third party geo location service which belongs to the Kedah region:

  • Alor Star
  • Kuah
  • Kulim
  • Sungai Lalang
  • Sungai Petani