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Understand information in your reports and troubleshoot reporting issues such as self-referrals, (not set) data, and inaccurate information
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Including sessions from specific medium to default channel grouping

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Hi all,


I am trying to sort out the company's marketing activity on Google Analytics. I've noticed that they haven't used utm parameters to track their activity in social, email, the past so a lot of their activity is not being tracked. For this reason I've suggested them to start using utm parameters. 


I have done a few tests to ensure that the information is passed into Google Analytics and I have a couple of issues:


- The only reports that contain my test sessions are 'All campaigns' and Source/Medium. If I check within Default Channel Grouping reports my test sessions don't appear.

Before testing my utm parameters I did go to Admin> Channel Grouping and amended my Email channel so apart from including System Defined = Emails it also includes Medium matches RegEx email. If my utm_medium parameter = email why my test session don't appear under Email default channel grouping please?


- The other issue I've got is that only get sessions in the mentioned reports within my Test View. The analytics view I use for reporting doesn't bring any results at all which I think it's because I didn't amend my Default Channel Grouping to include medium matches RegEx email - can anyone confirm this is the reason please? 


I look forward to hearing your insights.


Thanks and best wishes, A

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Including sessions from specific medium to default channel grouping

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Hey A, 


#1 - Analytics is case sensitive, make sure EVERYTHING is in lower case, especially in the UTM data but also RegEx.

#2 - Trying QAing the data again but looking at the data in "Real-Time' to confirm that it is being defined in 'Traffic Sources' as "email" or something else. There is a possibility that it is being overwritten by something else and being given another channel grouping.


Let me know how this goes.

- Josh 

Joshua, Top Contributor
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Including sessions from specific medium to default channel grouping

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Hi Joshua,


Thanks for your email.


I did have a filter to force medium and source lowercase but my medium and source were definitely lowercase anyway. The thing is that the source/medium reports do pick my test sessions because if I add campaign as secondary dimension I see the campaign I used. The problem is with the reports using Default Channel Grouping


If I check real time data, my utm parameters are being picked up: email as medium and the given source as source. However, I don't think you can use Real Time data to check if your test sessions are going to the right Default Channel Group because by default you see it by medium and source, not channel, but I might be wrong.


Thanks, Alex