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Inaccurate Google Analytics results

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Google Analytics does not show accurate results for email and social, does anyone know why this might be? I know that the results are inaccurate because I can see from using other analytic tools that we have had more visits from social than Google analytics suggests.  



Re: Inaccurate Google Analytics results

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Like most tools out there, you have to take it with a grain of salt. My first reaction it that you should check to make sure your data is not getting sampled, this will often through off your reports. Social is tricky because often we try to compare clicks on facebook to the target landing page in Google Analytics. If the user doesn't wait for the page to load, it will not count in Google Analytics, but it will still count as a click on Facebook. It comes down to measuring by different metrics, clicks do not always equal page views.

Email has a wide range of challenges because of how many different email clients (software) out there and the discrepancies with user settings. If a user blocks cookie then it will be harder to track them. If you are not using a campaign URL, then depending on their browser it can also either register the source direct or not set.

There are many workarounds to these issues that can be discovered through practice and experimentation. Out of curiosity, which analytics tool did you find to be the most accurate and why?