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Identifying page popularity based on it's age

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Apologies if this has been asked somewhere already (I have spent some time searching but couldn't find mention of it)

I know in GA you can easily run a report which shows you which pages have been viewed the most across X date period. However, this report doesn't take into account the age of the pages themselves, so if you run a report over a large date range (i.e. over a couple of years) it's highly likely older content will have more page views, but won't necessarily be a true indication of popularity or "impact".

To give an example, our communications team recently asked me to run a report of all page views dating back to 2014 and tell them which pages were the most popular.

This got me thinking as, whilst older pieces of content will often have the most "page views" by the nature of being online for longer, it's highly likely that some younger content has been viewed more often if you take into account the amount of time they have been "live"... so which is a truer measure of popularity? (that's rhetorical btw)

(I hope that makes sense)

What I'm trying to find out is whether there is a way to take into account the "age" of a page and therefore rank pages by that

I imagine the formula would be something like this:
page age /  page views = average page views per day

 Page APage BPage C
Live for (days)70018010
Number of views1,5002,0001,000
Impact Score (Average daily views)2.1411.11100


So using existing reports, the "most popular" pages would be appear to be B, A then C due to number of views.

However, if we take into account their age then we can see that C received over 10x the amount of views of B in the time it's been live. To me, this could be a very useful way to determine to true popularity/impact of a page.

Is there currently a way to view this type of report in GA, and if not, does anyone else think it would be a feature work Google looking to add? (If so, how do I go about suggesting it to the GA team?)


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Identifying page popularity based on it's age

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Custom dimensions to the rescue. Ask your friendly neighbourhood developer to add an additional piece of data to each page which includes the publication date. Use this as a custom dimension in GA which you can then filter on. You can then create a report where you can accurately calculate views per day. We do this with our content - where we have both the publication data as a data layer variable, and also in the URL. 


custom dimensions:


developer notes on setting a custom dimension if you have the code on the page:



If you're using GTM then you'll need to ask your developer to add it to the datalayer - then set up a data layer variable and use this in your page views in a field which matches the index number for your custom dimension. For example:




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Identifying page popularity based on it's age

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@John W is totally correct.  Just want to add that this can also be done via data import and may be faster for you.  Downside is it still happens at processing time and you'll need time for the data to populate out to your pages.... unless you have GA 360 then you can use right away on historical data.


More on Data Import:




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Identifying page popularity based on it's age

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Fantastic, thank you both :-)