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How to report on a custom dimension

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I have the following event sent to GA in the view:


$'send', 'event', 'Login', 'Login Success', {
'dimension2': ${user_type}, //Dimension for internal or external user


Where $(user_type} will resolve to the string 'internal' or 'external'


that fires the request to  QA as parameter cd2 :  ....{bunch of stuff}&cd2=Internal


When I try to create a filter for this dimension in GA, it does not find any session with the value of 'internal' or 'external' for cd2. 

Any update on what can be the problem?

How to report on a custom dimension

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If you have added this dimension recently you have to wait some time before it starts to work.
What scope for this dimension did you define in Google Analytics?
In which report are you trying configure the filter?

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How to report on a custom dimension

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thanks Tomasz for the info, the custom dimension was setup but was not activated. I have activated it and will wait for data to be available to refer to it in the filter and validate all is good.