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How to link product to pages

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Hello all, 


Here is my problem.

How is it possible, directly with the custom reports, or using an external solution (like Power BI) to get this kind of report, to built a report:


As dimensions mainly

-Page product (not landing page)

As metrics mainly



I know, it's possible to get revenue by product, revenu by landing page etc...

But how to link page product - to the product - as so on, to the revenue ?

Is it possible ? 


Many thanks,


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Re: How to link product to pages

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Hi Bastien,

Thanks for posting on the Community. I’m going to look into this for you and update this thread when I have more information for you.

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Re: How to link product to pages

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Hi Bastien,


I consulted with our tech support team and this is what I found out:


It is possible to get the revenue report by landing page as you mentioned and also possible to get a revenue report by product/item by looking at the "Product Performance" report. However, it is not possible to create a custom report  that shows revenue data broken down by product page with Google Analytics. Please refer to the scenario below which explains why this is not possible.


A user sees product A on page A, then goes to product B on page B, then goes to product C on page C, adds product C to the cart and completes a transaction. Now, the user has 3 three product pages, so the transaction revenue would be attributed to product C. The system can record a landing page (of a session) with revenue because there can only be 1 landing page per session. In this case there can be multiple product pages. 


With regards to your question if this would be possible to do using external solutions (like Power BI), unfortunately, we cannot comment on that as we don’t know how third-party solution works or records data.


Hope this helps.



Re: How to link product to pages

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Hello Krisha,

Thank you for your respond.
I appreciate the time you spent to find an answer.

For information, I even try to link the product, and the product page with Power BI, with the native GA connector. It doesn't work to. According to it, 'it's not possible to link these dimensions".

Thank you again,