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How to get GaggleAMP counted as a social referral?

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We use the tool GaggleAMP for our client's employee advocacy program. It helps employees share company content on their social networks. So all traffic from these links should be tracked as social. However, GaggleAMP's URL parameters set the source to "GaggleAMP-clientname" and medium to the social network plus (GaggleAMP), e.g., "Twitter (GaggleAMP)." These are not represented in GA as a social source referral, so all of the social referrals coming in from this tool aren't counted in our reports on social referral traffic

GaggleAMP will let you totally disable their GA tracking, but doesn't let you keep it and customize the parameters.


Is there any way to tell Google Analytics to count this traffic as social referrals without totally removing the GaggleAMP URL tracking so we can see what traffic came through GaggleAMP?  



Re: How to get GaggleAMP counted as a social referral?

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