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How to copy analytics data to new view?

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This question was originally asked on the previous Google Analytics product forum.




Previously for my website, I've just had a single view ('All Web Site Data') for the last 3 months. Now I've completed the Google Analytics course which recommends you always setup three views: 
1 - unfiltered
2 - test view
3 - master view
Now, the existing view can become my '1 - unfiltered' view (as it has no filters) and I went in to 'View Settings' and then clicked on 'Copy View' to create the other two. The problem is the historical data wasn't copied across.
I read on this forum that copying historical data across is not an option on Google Analytics at this time - is that true? If it IS true, then why do we bother creating this unfiltered view then? It would seem to have no function then if not for this very purpose as to what I'm trying to achieve here?


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How to copy analytics data to new view?

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This answer was originally provided on the previous Google Analytics product forum.


Data doesnt copy over and populate - new views will only start to collect data going forward from the time they are created.

You create an unfiltered views so as to always have a raw unedited copy of data to work with.
Sometimes filters or settings (content grouping for example) etc do not work as expected so you leave

one view without changes so you have that data in its raw form.