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How many visitors viewed 5 articles last month on my site?

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I'm trying to answer the following question: How many visitors to my site viewed 5 article pages in the last month? Or, more generically: How many visitors viewed X number of article pages (pages with a particular page path) over time period Y? Ideally, I would then be able to answer questions about how many visitors viewed 1/2/3/4/5/etc. article pages in, say, the month of April. Does anyone have any experience with setting up such a custom report in Google Analytics?

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Splinter (Project Syndicate)



Re: How many visitors viewed 5 articles last month on my site?

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Hi Splinter,

you can set up a custom report by pefoming the folowin steps:
1. Login to your Google Analytics Account and selet the relevant property.
2. Click on "Customization".
3. Click on "+ New Custom Report".
4. Add a name for thte report.
5. Choose: Type "Explorer", Metric Group "Users" (= vistors). Feel free to add more Metric Groups (e.g. "Page views").
6. Choose as Dimension Drolldown "Page".
7. Add a filter: include "Page" and Regex "/url_1/|/url_2/|...|/url_5/" ("|" stands for "or", "url_x/" is the page path).
8. Click "Save".
9. Change to time periode to "Apr 1, 2016 - Apr 30, 2015".

The custom report table shows you in the colum "Users" the number of users per page in each line. The number of users who viewed at least one of the article pages are displaed in the headline of the table, that number is lower or equal than the sum of the users in the lines.

If you need that report every month, you can also set uo a Email Report: Click on "Email", add a recipient, Attachments "PDF", Frequency "Monthly", Day of month "1st".

Bye. Nils.