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How long does GA store data for?

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Hi there, 


I looked up page views for a specific time period on GA. Can anyone tell me why I am not seeing data for this time period? It was over two years ago and my website was up and running then.


Thank you!



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November 2016

How long does GA store data for?

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Hi @Stephen B :-)

Did you have google analytics installed onto your site at that point in time?
If you did not have analytics installed at that stage, then there wont be any data for that date range

If for some reason the tracking id has changed on your website and is now using a different one, 

you would need to refer to the reports for the old web property/tracking id that was in place at that point

in time.


eta. Im unable to find the reference atm however GA will keep data for a minimum of 25months

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How long does GA store data for?

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Hi @Stephen B,


I agree with Bronwyn. 25 months is all that is promised and all that we can rely on. Some accounts can hold it for years and years... but others will not, depending on technical actions with the account. 


I would add that I often help troubleshoot accounts with missing data data ranges and it is from them having a type of filter applied. A filter can greatly change what is shown for a data range. You most-likely already know this... but wanted to make sure.


Kind Regards,



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How long does GA store data for?

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I personally have data dating back to 2005 but am very much aware that Google can purge data prior to 2014 at any time.

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How long does GA store data for?

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