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How is data compiled when analyzing channel and age at the same time

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Hey guys, I am playing with Google Analytics and I am really confused how Google Analytics is compiling data when I select both a user-level dimension (age, gender) and a session level dimension (channel) for my analysis. 


Let's take channel and age as an example. A user within a specific age group may engage in multiple session visits, with each sessions visited through different channels. This means that it is simply impossible to assign that specific user to a specific channel since a user might belong to multiple channels. 


With that logic, it is simply impossible to compile a report with both age and channel as dimensions. But from what I see in my report below, Google Analytics still somehow managed to compile a report with User count that is consistent with other reports.... This puzzles me so much, it means that Google Analytics either assign users to the channel that they last visited through, or used some other methods to assign users to a specific channel.


Does anyone know how they did it? If you have no idea, please also comment below so one day some Google people might answer this question for us Smiley Very Happy


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How is data compiled when analyzing channel and age at the same time

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Hi Bill,


age and gender - while being obviously a persistent property - are treated as session parameters here.