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How do I track accurate visits in Google Analytics from Facebook Ads?

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This question was originally asked on the previous Google Analytics product forum.


Yesterday, I have started work on Facebook Ads to promote special discount for Christmas season!

But, I am getting issue to track visits from Facebook Ads in Google Analytics.

I want to give you very detail idea by providing two specific screenshots. Please, open following URLs to know more about it.

I can see total 107 clicks on my Facebook Ads. But, Google Analytics shows me only 15 visits from Facebook Ads.

I am using URL builder to tag URL so I can track external source visits on Google Analytics.

Honestly, This is really big variation in tracking. So, How can I fix this issue?

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How do I track accurate visits in Google Analytics from Facebook Ads?

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This answer was originally provided on the previous Google Analytics product forum by @Brownyn_V.


Hi, I noticed when i checked the site, its using a really outdated version of the ga tracking code. (traditional version which is pre May 2010)
Often outdated tracking can result in incorrect tracking and data funkiness and once updated can often resolve quite a few issues.

I would suggest updating the tracking code (can get a copy of the code from the Tracking Info area for the web property) and installing it as per instructions before the closing </head> tag

Other things to consider too.. 

FB is tracking clicks.. Analytics is tracking visitors.
They are not the same thing.

From the GA Help Docs..(is written mainly addressing adwords however the same basic principles apply)
  • A visitor may click your ad multiple times. When one person clicks on one advertisement multiple times in the same session, bing, fb, adwords etc records multiple clicks while Analytics recognizes the separate pageviews as one visit. This is a common behavior among visitors engaging in comparison shopping.

  • A visitor may click on your advertisement, but prevent the page from fully loading by navigating to another page or by pressing the browser's Stop button. In this case, the Analytics tracking code is unable to execute and send tracking data to the Google servers. However,the ad tracking program (eg adwords, bing ads, facebook etc) still registers a click.
  • Visitors may have set their browser preferences in ways that prevent Google Analytics used on websites from collecting data
    Visitors entering your website via an ad may have JavaScript, cookies or images turned off, or might use other technologies preventing Google Analytics from reporting about your website visitors (such as by installing the Google Analytics browser add-on). If this is the case, Google Analytics isn't able to report these visitors, but they are reported as clicks via adwords, bing ads, facebook etc. In order for Google Analytics to record a visit, the visitor must have JavaScript and images enabled for your website.

    Also too, dont forget, there can be a reporting latency of 24-48hrs. This is considered normal and depending on the amount of traffic to a site, in some instances it will result in some reports taking up to 2 days.

    Other things to consider... filters applied to a view that may be blocking some traffic from being tracked.