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How do I find time on-page for specific pages?

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Hey - 


So here's what I need to do: 


1) Get specific blog posts

2) Compile their total page on-time, and get an average time-on-page for those posts

3) Ideally, but not necessarily, compare that time to a grouping of other posts. 


I have older posts and newer ones that I want to compare the time on-page to. 


How would I do that? 

Re: How do I find time on-page for specific pages?

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Hi @Daniel S,


You can create a custom report as following:


  • Time on Page: (this will give you total time that spent on the page by all users)
  • Avg. Time on Page: (this will give you estimated average time on page that is spent by the users)

Dimension: Page

You can add a filter with 'Page' dimension and filter the specific pages that you want to include in your report


As a side note: Please be careful about the time on page and avg. time on page in google analytics. Time on page on exit pages is 0 even if user spend 10 minutes to read the blog post and exits the page.


I hope this helps.