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How do I extract data from flow report

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I finally figured out how to drill down to a page deep in the site,  in the User Flow Report.


However, it's messy to look at. Truncates URLs, tiny type, etc. Isn't there a way to extract the data somehow without the graphics? My boss is telling me to do it, and I CANNOT FIGURE OUT HOW. 


Is this possible?

also, I got great help earlier in this forum when someone suggested that instead of using the user Flow report, I use the Behavior->Site Content->All Pages. Then find the page I want, and then use the navigation summary. That's good--however, it only shows the previous page and the next page. I'd like to go back (and forward) more pages than that. I don't think I can.


Any help you can give me is great.



Re: How do I extract data from flow report

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Hi Kristi,

You can do it by preparing custom report: Customization => +New Custom Repor. Choose type "Flat Table", in dimensions choose "Page Path level 1", "Page Path level 2","Page Path level 3","Page Path level 4 (that's max you can do). In metrics choose "unique Pageviews" (if you want to measure users). This report will show you shortened version of paths that you're users are taking when navigating through your page. However you're still going to need to process that data (pivot table or anything that works best for you) to draw any conclusions. However it's not a perfect and elegant solution yet maybe it will turn out to be useful for you.

Personally I don't know any other way to do what you're trying to accomplish.