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How come my Custom Report Metrics don't match Standard Report?

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How come my Custom Report Social Sessions metrics don't match Standard Report Social Sessions metrics ?

I have created a Custom Report and when I view the Default Channel Grouping- Sessions metrics they report way higher then the Default Channel Grouping- Sessions metrics from a Standard report (see attached screenshot). Could someone tell what am I missing or did wrong? Thanks in advance for any answers and suggestions!

Of note, I run into these higher metrics when I run a range, on the month to month view the Custom Report metrics match the standard report.

- Matt

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Re: How come my Custom Report Metrics don't match Standard Report?

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Here is a corrected screen shot
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Re: How come my Custom Report Metrics don't match Standard Report?

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Anyone have any solutions, folks on my Twitter feed suggested this is caused because the data set of sessions is to large so I could
1) Try adjusting the checker board (chess board) which does help a bit and keep sessions under 500K

This should work but then I am limited to smaller date ranges and I can't pull in year over year look backs, any one else have a trick up their sleeve?

Re: How come my Custom Report Metrics don't match Standard Report?

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Matt if the problem is that you have hit the 500K threshold you can always use smaller date ranges and then export the data and combine them back up inside of Excel this is what I do on a regular basis my spreadsheet contains many small blocks of data exported and I can do wonders with it inside of Excel by creating pivot tables and creating custom fields based upon available data and adding columns. For instance I have a large number of websites I can export the same date range from everyone of them and then add additional fields using formulas inside of Excel to create Year, Month, Week, Day of Week all based off the date, I can also add a field for each of my sites then creatye a pivot table of this raw data and see how each site has done or all combined and filter it do trend analysis and all the wonderful things that Excel can do. This allows me to look at 100% of my data stretching back well over 8 years and it is amazing how many questions I can answer during meetings by one simple spreadsheet with a pivot table. May not be the best solution but it works for me and I do not have to worry about thresholds or sampling I just keep updating my spreadsheet every week or so.