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How can a non-CPC page get a 100% bounce rate from google / cpc?

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Hi, I'm reporting on bounce* (looking at a specific page we're hoping to improve) and seeing a lot of Unique Pageviews with both 1. Source / Medium of google / cpc, and 2. 100% bounce rate.


I have confirmed with my colleagues that they aren't sending any paid traffic to this page.


My question: is it possible to get a 100% bounce with a cpc medium on a page that we aren't sending paid traffic to?


* Site Content -> All Pages -> 'Bounce Rate' from Explorer tab dropdown

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How can a non-CPC page get a 100% bounce rate from google / cpc?

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couple of choices...

These users have visited you before from AdWords and since never from any other source that would have overwritten that source... They can actually be direct traffic but the way GA credits traffic sources is that direct does not overwrite previous sources, only referral, organic, or other user specified campaign medium


There is an AdWords account maybe not linked to this GA account sending traffic to incorrect landing page (hence 100% bounce). If you take your page as landing page and check the AdWords report can you identify the campaign that is sending the traffic?


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How can a non-CPC page get a 100% bounce rate from google / cpc?

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Thank you! I checked on the AdWords end and none of the campaigns showing up on this page have it as a destination, so the first choice -- the original AdWords visit being to another page on our site, with a second Direct visit which bounces, but AdWords overwriting the Direct source -- seems to explain all the angles.