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How are unique page views calculated?

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Hi there, wondering if anyone knows the answer to this.

I am curious - if I am pulling a report for a week, and I have 100 unique page views, does this mean that if a person visited more than once but over the period of the week, each time they visited that week would be counted?  Or would they still only be counted as one visit? 


I may not be asking this correctly but hopefully someone will understand what I am trying to ask lol.


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Re: How are unique page views calculated?

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Hi, Jessie C,

Unique pageviews are counted each time a page has been viewed for the first time with respect to the current session. When a user arrives at your site for the very first time, then each new page they visit will increment the "unique pageview" metric for that particular page. Subsequent visits to the same pages will increment pageviews, but not unique pageviews. But let's say that user's session ends (either the session times out, or they visit on a different browser, or they clear their cookies.... whatever). When that user comes to your site again, then again the first time he/she visits those previous pages, the unique pageviews metric will increment.

So theoretically a user can generate 100 unique pageviews within the week. The key here is that a unique pageview is only incremented for a particular page once per session.

Let me know if that doesn't make sense or if you have other questions!
Nicky Yuen, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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