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Host change and Restoring Analytics

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Hello everyone.


I'm new to this forum so forgive me if this question is not in the correct place to ask this.


I'm an associate web developer for a firm whose website has been hosted by a third party on an old CMS. End of last year, this host began to pull service from us and moved the content from the old CMS to static HTML pages. Since then our analytics metrics have flat-lined, which I assume is because the code was associated with the CMS and never brought up to the static HTML pages.


We're in talks with a new host which will be migrating the site to DNN which will make re-applying the analytics a breeze, but would I need to make a new account on Google Analytics for this migration or will the analytics snap back on when we move over to the new host? I currently have no settings below the Properties of the site under Admin as I didn't create the current account, so I am unable to change the property settings.

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Re: Host change and Restoring Analytics

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If you are the owner of the GA account you can add your code to the new pages, however if your previous web hosting company maintains control of the account then you will need to set up a brand new GA account and you have lost the data. One other thing that you can try is having your previous Host relinquish control of the GA account by adding you as an admin and removing themselves in which case you can save all your data by using the origional accounts js tracking code on your new pages. You will not be able to see or recover any data that has transpired between when they shut you down and they relinquish control, hopefully they are not a bad hosting company and realize that your data is yours and is valuable to only you and that they will play ball.