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Help Me Understand What "Users" Are

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When I am looking at Audience Overview data, there is a User summary showing 2.2 million users over the selected period of time. When I add up the data points for that same period of time, it comes to 3.1 million users. Why is there a disparity?

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Help Me Understand What "Users" Are

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"When I add up the data points for that same period of time, it comes to 3.1 million users."


Can I know what the "data points" are--which report did you get them? Smiley Happy


In a nutshell, users = persons. If the data points you mentioned are referring to page views or sessions (website visit), then there might be a discrepancy, since one person can view multiple pages during one session. 

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Help Me Understand What "Users" Are

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Hi Vox,


If you are trying to add up users over a date range and compare to the total users for that range you should probably Never get the same number.


For example you have these user counts over a 2 day period:


Monday - 10 users

Tuesday - 10 users



If you look at Mon - Tuesday you see 15 users when you (mistakenly) expect 20.   The reason you have 15 is because a user can return to the site on multiple days and in this hypothetical example, 5 users from Monday come back on Tuesday and you have 5 new users on Tuesday so in the range you had a total of 15 users. 


Hope that helps.




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