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Help! 1 user somehow creating hundreds of sessions in GA

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Edit: Okay, further research tells me that somehow, pages are being loaded and triggering events, but the "pageview" event never fires, that's why the landing page is set to (not set).  The problem is, Google has the same solution listed pretty much everywhere


To identify which hit type is causing the issue, use the advanced filter (found at the top of the data table) to restrict the data to include page/screen views matching exactly 0 in the following reports: Behavior > Events, Acquisition > Social > Plugins, and Conversions > Ecommerce.


Which sounds great, but that's not possible, GA removed the page/screen view data point to restrict to. So how can I figure out what event is firing that is causing this mess?




I noticed some giant spikes in traffic lately, and after digging down into the data I've determined that from time to time, Google Analytics is attributing dozens (sometimes HUNDREDS) of sessions to 1 user, usually over the course of like 5-30 minutes. The only commonality I can find is that every time this happens, the landing page shows "(not set)".  However, landing SCREEN shows data just fine in those cases.


There's no rhyme or reason to it. It happens 2-3 times per month.  Sometimes 1 user creates 20 sessions in 10 minutes, sometimes they create 200 sessions in 30 minutes. It happens on a variety of different landing pages, which I can tell by checking the landing screen data. So it's not a tracking code problem on a particular landing page.


I hadn't noticed it before because it was usually only 20-30 extraneous sessions being created, which I didn't notice among our regular traffic. The incidents where hundreds of extra sessions are being created only started happening about two weeks ago. It's definitely an issue though, because I have a few Goals set up that trigger off time spent on page (I have a timing tag set up through GTM, so the browser completes a goal if he/she views one of our product pages for >30 seconds).  It's attributing the same goal to the same person multiple times, sometimes they're completing the goal 10 times. Google of course doesn't know their duplicates, because they're all from different sessions. So my overall # of goals, and goal completion % figures are getting ruined as this keeps happening.


I hope I was able to explain this well.  I've searched everywhere, I've seen plenty of people having questions about why there are fewer sessions than there should be, but what causes there to be MORE sessions than there should be?


Thanks for any insight ya'll can offer!



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Re: Help! 1 user somehow creating hundreds of sessions in GA

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Create a custom report with Landing Page + Total Events, Social Actions, Transactions which should show the type of hit creating the (not set) landing pages
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Re: Help! 1 user somehow creating hundreds of sessions in GA

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Thanks for the response, that worked in terms of telling me what events happen when there's no landing page. However, it appears pretty much ANY of my events can cause it. I have a timer, scroll depth tracking, and tracking outbound link clicks showing up in that report. I have no idea how to solve the issue with so many events causing the problem.