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Google Tag Manager, Scroll tracking and Google anaytics adjusted codes

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I would like to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) and add scroll tracking to my site.


Previously I was given the following link for adding scroll tracking via GTM:


I tried to reply to the previous thread and ask this question there but for some reason the reply did not get updated.


So I am asking as a new question.


I have Google analytics (GA) tracking code added in my genesis framework theme based site.


I also have the following code added to overcome some missed GA tags (identified via Google tag assistant) due to Cloudflare.

 <script data-cfasync="false" type="text/javascript">

(edited the GA tracking code script's opening tag to the above)


That fixed the missing page views.


But now when if I use Google tag manager, I would be adding the GTM code to the body tag area of my theme and then adding Google analytics directly to GTM.


So how would I update the code for fixing the missing page views due to cloudflare interference? Where exactly would I add the following code?


<script data-cfasync="false" type="text/javascript">


And I also wanted to add the adjusted bounce rate code from this link:


Right now I have this bounce rate code added at the end of my GA tracking code.


So if I use GTM, I would like to know where I can add the two pieces of code (one for overcoming the missing page views due to cloudflare and the other for adjusted bounce rate).


Thanks so much.

My site:


Google Tag Manager, Scroll tracking and Google anaytics adjusted codes

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See the solution from Simo Ahava here, and the method I used using enhanced ecommerce here.