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Google Sheets Add-on - Increases only in multiples of 70

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I have a very odd issue with using the Google Sheets add-on.


If I pull a report with the metrics of pageviews, unique pageviews, avg Time on Page, and bouncerate, and the dimensions of pagepath and date, it's all groovy.  however when I add another dimension like full referror, device catagory, or country, I only get the report with pageviews of 70, 141, 211, etc.  It only seems to show the results with pageviews equal to that increase of 71.


This is driving me mental trying to figure it out.  I have no metric filters at all.


Anyone ever come across this and now what the issue is?

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Google Sheets Add-on - Increases only in multiples of 70

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Hi Simon,


The Sheets ad on, the API and custom reports are awesome!  That said, they also can leave you flipping in the wind because of the flexibility.


The key thing you need to know is that there are three different classes of dimensions and metrics:  Hit level, session level, and user level.  If you start a session level and hit level you are going to get wonky stuff.


Use the explorer to help you determine what's valid:


That said, I think what you have should work... let me try.   Yep, I got data and no issues.  Do you have another dimension or metric not listed here?




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