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Google Analytics page views according to Blogger Stats and number of hits in Google URL

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I started to use google analytics to better keep track of traffic on my blog... in took some time to figure it out but i got it to work. I place the tracking code in the beginnig of the template code and do place it on each new post.


However my last post got 3500 in 2 days and google analytics only counts 1200... can you tell me why and how to fix it?


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Re: Google Analytics page views according to Blogger Stats and number of hits in Google URL

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Hi :-)

Blogger only needs the tracking code to be installed once.. the theme template adds it to all pages and posts across the site, so also adding it again to each new post should not be done.

Blogger stats are not the same as analytics, they both track different things using different methods, trying to compare the two is a bit like comparing chalk and cheese.


The tracking code snippet should be manually added before the closing </head> tag in the html template code.

it also then will also need to be added to the mobile template

  1. Before making changes to the template you MUST create a backup of it. This will enable you to restore it, should you make any errors when making code changes.
  2. Log into Blogger dashboard and access the blog tamplate page via the drop down for the applicable blog.
  3. Click on the Edit HTML button below the Live on Blog display
  4. When the html template opens up, click once in the template, to place your cursor in it and then use your browser’s find function to search for the closing tag. I’m using Chrome browser in the following images.
  5. Add your tracking code immediately before the closing tag and then save the changes
  6. Change the Mobile template from Default to Custom by clicking the gear icon below the Mobile preview
  7. Select radio button for Yes. Show mobile template on mobile devices.Custom from the Choose Mobile Template drop menu, Then Save the changes
Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Google Analytics page views according to Blogger Stats and number of hits in Google URL

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I know they're different things... there has been always some difference between them but never as much... It has worked so far introducing the code in each post. I'll remove it and add another post, one which has a form to fill and see what happens (comparing the number of people who fill it and page views in google analytics). Thanks by the way!