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Google Analytics Sheets Add-on

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Hi everyone!


Right now I am using Google Sheets to convert data from Google Analytics into sheets.

The data I am using is from different companies (different GA-accounts) and many different kind of events, so every company has it's own sheets.


At this point I would like to research all data to see which campaigns and companies have been the most succesfull, based on several KPI's. Ideally, I would like to have one sheet with all data in figures and tables.

Is it possible to create 1 sheet with all data from different GA accounts/sheets, so I can easily compare the different accounts and campaigns? Or is there maybe another way to do this?


Appreciate your help!

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November 2016

Google Analytics Sheets Add-on

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After reviewing the Add-On settings, there is now easy way to combine different reports into one spreadsheet.  My recommendation is to add your report data into one sheet with one column identifying the account then sort by the relevant KPI.  

Google Analytics Sheets Add-on

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Thanks for the reply!

This sounds like a good solution to me.