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Google Analytics Sheets Add-On Date Range Dimension

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Hello All:


I am using the Google Sheets Analytics Add-On to re-create a report that my organization had been manually compiling in Excel, based on data they were copying and pasting into their spreadsheet from Google Analytics UI. I've managed to recreate that spreadsheet through the Analytics Add-On, tying to their old numbers (except where their old numbers had errors) - re-creating just one row from that spreadsheet - where one row represents a date range.


I'd like to now run that analytics report for every date range in their spreadsheet, there are about 100 of them - but I'd like to do so without having to type in the date ranges into the 'start' and 'end' fields in the report configuration tab. Is there any way that I could add date-range as a 'segment', so that each range is returned in a unique row (i.e. there'd be a column at the begining of the returned report with date range, my other dimension column (only 1 dimension in this report), then all my metrics columns)?


Below is an example of the report now - I want to replace that start and end date reference somehow moving it into a dimension - perhaps then modifying the start end date to encompass all date ranges in my set.


If this isn't doable, is there perhaps a way to script this so that the report loops through start/end date based on some other sheet that holds those start-end dates? 




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Re: Google Analytics Sheets Add-On Date Range Dimension

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I ended up doing this manually. Please disregard.