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Google Analytics - Screens per Session

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I'm currently going through my GA reports and one thing puzzles me.


I can't understand how the number of sessions can be more than the number of screens. If a session is registered, doesn't that mean that the user has views at least one screen? In some cases, my screen per session values is smaller than one.


Sorry if this a very obvious question and thanks for the help in advance.



Google Analytics - Screens per Session

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Hi @Shahin Sam H,


This is tiny a bit tricky situation Smiley Happy This issue happens when there is no screen view hit but other hits such as events in the session. Let's say user views a screen and Google Analytics screen view doesn't trigger and an event hit was sent on that screen. In this case, Google Analytics creates the session because of the event hit but there is no screen view in the session to associate.


I hope this helps you understand the situation.