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Google Analytics Report for Overlapped Goals

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I'd like to hear your tips about overlapped goals' report.

I need to analyze how many visitors who completed goal #1 (bookings) or #7 (request a quote) have previously completed other goals like signing up for newsletter.

Do you have any ideas about it?

Will appreciate to hear your solutions.

Have a great day!

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February 2016

Re: Google Analytics Report for Overlapped Goals

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Hi Victor,


1. The easiest way to get an overview of this is to create a custom segment using a sequence (or - if the order of completion doesn't matter - conditions). Make sure the segment is user-level, so it will look like this (I'm using two goals here as an example).


Using a sequence:

Segment screen 1Segment screen 1

Using conditions:

Segment screen 2Segment screen 2

This will be utilising GA's assumption of Users, so the results will be inflated by people using different devices and browsers, and deleting the cookies. As long as you are aware of these implications, though, this is a great way of getting an overview, especially given how quick it is.


2. This one can work if you have a logged-in section on your website.

Capture user IDs as a custom dimension, so when they are logged in, you can see what actions a user under one ID takes (newsletter signup, quote, booking, etc.). This will require custom tracking; also, the results' accuracy will depend on whether users need to log in to request a quote and/or make a booking. If yes - it is an option, and will also give you an idea of how many devices and browsers your average visitor uses.


3. If you can use information from the backend (emails database) - you might actually bypass GA and see whether those who have made a booking had signed up for the newsletter, with just that data. Depending on what questions you are trying to answer - might be an option.


Hope this helps.




Alex @ L3 Analytics

Re: Google Analytics Report for Overlapped Goals

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Hi, Alexandra!
Thanks for your tips! I've solved this problem using them!
Have a great day!

Re: Google Analytics Report for Overlapped Goals

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Great - glad I could help Smiley Happy

Alex @ L3 Analytics