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Google Analytics Report Schedules issues

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Since last Monday, April 25th, we have been having issues with google analytics report schedules.


1) Report schedules were not executed or sent files for April 24th and 25th.

2) Since April 26th we started getting the report export from the report schedules, but the files received had another file names format.


Tried re-creating reports and schedules but the result is always the same.


By the way, manual report export generate the file names correctly, this leads us to believe that there is a problem only with the report schedules.


Any ideas or suggestions about this?

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Re: Google Analytics Report Schedules issues

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Roy the reporting process is sort of hit and miss, while I am not having any issues a lot of others are. I think Theo Bennett has the best advice on this issue and that is if the reports are mission critical then use the API. Their are many threads on this forum dealing with reports from individuals who just flat out do not get them, to those who get them on occasions, to the report name changing so the issues are all over the board. The API would offer the best solution and most reliable.

Re: Google Analytics Report Schedules issues

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Thanks for your reply.
We have had no major problems and we have been using reports and schedules
for several years.
By the way, we started having problems since last Monday and everything
indicates that it is an internal problem of the report schedules.

Re: Google Analytics Report Schedules issues

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I have several test reports that come to me and they arrive usually within the same two hour window everyday. I have not noticed any report name changes but I dont really rely on the GA delivery system. I had my team use the API to gather the data on a daily basis and send them to my spreadhseets and I do all my analysis from them. But for the few test reports I have set up they seem to be rather consisitent. It would not surprise me that it is an enternal issue to Google they are in the process of rolling out the new beta of User Explorer and the update may have a bug or two in them, I am just going by the number of wierd but consisitent issues I have seen reported latey by individuals. I guess I should count my self as lucky as I am currently not seeing too many issues, I have one where I can not share a custom report with all my views I have to choose them one by one and I have an issue with in page analytics but that may be how my browser is set up.