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Google Analytics Figures Accuracy

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I am new to google analytics & have some issues with it's accuracy. Here are a couple of examples:


I have a website that is hosted by a company called weebly & they have their own basic stats facility which supposedly provides reasonably accurate figures about page views & unique visitors to my website.


The figures between weebly stats & google analytics however vary drastically, to the degree that they make no sense. For example, one particular day weebly provided the figure of 964 page views on my site whilst for the same period google provided a zero figure. This is a rather large discrepancy.


Also, over the period of last week google has reported only one visitor to my website with a session length of zero, whilst I have had 5 fb likes on my blog page. Obviously this is incorrect. Weebly has reported 2,210 page views over my whole website for this same period.


For the period of the last month google has reported 46 visitors whereas weebly has reported between 800 & 1000.


What does this mean?


Thank you.

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Google Analytics Figures Accuracy

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Hi Justin :-)
rarely will two tracking solutions show the same data.

Are you able to possibly share your website url (it will allow one of us to check your GA setup via browser for possible issues that might be affecting tracking)

Do you have any filters applied to the GA reporting View?

Do you know what method Weebly uses for tracking visitors? Does it use cookies like GA or does it use some other method?

Regarding length of visits... if a visitor only visits one page and no other engagement hits occur.. their time on site will appear as 0 as there needs to be a 2nd hit sent to analytics in order to track the length of the visit between at least two hits.

GA also wont track visitors in some instances. eg if a visitor is not using an image, javascript or cookie enabled browser. There are also some situations (the following being just one type) that may prevent analytics from tracking such as when a visitor leaves a site before the tracking code has the ability to load in the webpage.. 


eta.. with being new to analytics, i strongly recommend the following free learning resource:
Analytics Academy
There are a number of modules, the first one being Digital Analytics Fundamentals.
It will help you get aquainted with GA and its standard reports etc.

Bronwyn Vourtis, Google Analytics Top Contributor
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Google Analytics Figures Accuracy

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Hi Bronwyn,


Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply. I am very busy today but will endeavour to check out the learning source over the next few days. I know my website is not optimised well, but I have not time enough to add all the necessary tags to each image, etc.


Here is my web address:


I have no filters applied to GA. Weebly tracks by IP address. I don't completely understand the mechanics of tracking by cookies or IP address, nor the relevance of accuracy determined by whether a device is supporting javascript.

I would like to understand why & get a clearer view in my mind as to what figure range is likely more accurate for page views & visitors to my site.


Many thanks.