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Google Analytics Bounce rate

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Hello all,


My friend just sent me a screenshot of her GA account and had a question that's got me stumped.  I'm probably just missing something but since I'm new to the community and haven't posted anything, I found this as an opportunity to post! Below is the screenshot I received that breaks down the sources of a single page on the website.  The bounce rate for the two top sources (rows 1 & 2) is 100% with an average time of 03:36.  I understand what bounce rate is but haven't personally seen a case like this.  Also, the rest of the 9 page sources (rows 3-9) each have a 0% bounce rate.  Could someone explain why this may be/why GA may record like this? In other words, how are the top two sources, attributing for 55 of the 80 (about 68%) page views has 100% bounce rate and why the rest are 0%, and then the overall is reported as 100%)? I'd definitely appreciate it!






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Google Analytics Bounce rate

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Hi Dan,


It might be because of combining different dimension scopes. You should not combine hit scope(Page) and session scope(source) in the same report. Google Analytics does not warn you but you might get in accurate numbers. 


Please take a look at the following article:


If you want to be sure about scopes, you can check Dimensions & Metrics Explorer to validate:


I hope this helps.