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Google Analytics Audience List

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I am trying to set up audience lists for the purpose of remarketing campaigns but I am getting a very low volume of audiences after I create the audience list.  


For example, I created an audience list a month ago for "New Users" and I am getting an Audience definition of : 

users over last 7 days : 127

membership duration : 30 

Display audience size : 824


Now when i check analytics and look at the number of "New Users" in the past 7 days, I see a total of 272,000.  What may be the cause for such a large discrepancy in the audience list volume versus the actual traffic I am getting to the website?  I don't expect it to be 1 for 1, however I do expect it to be somewhere within the ball park of what I am seeing in GA.  


Any help would be much appreciated!