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Google Analytics Add-on for Google Sheets Content Grouping

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Hi all,


I've been busy already a while with building quite complex reports in Google Sheets, pulling data out of Analytics, and building elaborate dashboards.  I think in general I do understand it quite well.  Nevertheless, there's situations where I just don't know, and there's really not much info to be found.  Not really thát many people seem to use this add-on beyond the very basic things, I have the feeling.


One thing I'm struggling with is Content Grouping.  It just doesn't return the same data as I see in Google Analytics itself.  Some categories within a Content Group are just a few percentages off, but at least one is A LOT off (around double in sheets compared to data in GA).  So I just can't really 'trust' that data, and so at least one is just unusable.


Anybody experience with this?  Or knows where I go wrong?  Basically it's quite 'simple' that I just have in the metrics 'ga:contentGroupUniqueViews2' (well, I have 3 and 4 as well), and then in Dimensions 'ga:isoYearIsoWeek' and 'ga:landingContengGroup2'.  That's it, should be fine, yet returning different data than what I see in GA itself.





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Google Analytics Add-on for Google Sheets Content Grouping

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Hey Mattijs,


How does your data look when you remove the dimension ga:landingContentGroup2?  More like you expect?




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