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Goals not appearing in report when using Page Title as a dimension.

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Hi there


I am a marketing manager and we are currently testing two experiences across our landing pages that are being tracked using two separate goals (these have been fully set up, tested and working). I'm using the Page Title to track each of the experiences (it's basically a 'chat' vs 'form' test which as both already tracked as 'events' in GA) in order to understand conversion rate by analysing sessions and goal completions.


However as soon as I apply "Page Title" (or any Behaviour variables for that matter) as a primary or secondary dimension, the data for one of my goals goes to 0. This is strange as the other goal is being tracked fine and the goal that's been affected shows 0, % of Total:0.00% (818) which shows that it's being tracked but somehow being filtered out?!


Here's a couple of screengrabs to show the issue. FYI I've filtered out to focus on a single traffic source (hence why data is % of total)


Image 1 has Date as a Primary Dimension and Live Chat Launch comes up as 114 completions.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.45.24.png



Image 2 has Page Title applied as Primary Dimension and Live Chat Launch goes down to 0.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.45.34.png



I need to apply Page Title as Primary Dimension as the Sessions have not been equally 50/50 split between experiences.


Can anyone suggest how this could be being caused and whether there is a sensible fix as the data? As been collected fine, I'm concerned this may be a bug with Analytics?!





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February 2017

Goals not appearing in report when using Page Title as a dimension.

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This could be because of your Goal 14 is event based goals.

If you use page dimension in the report only destination goals are counted and they are only counted for thier destination URL.

This is because of goal completion is an session level entity and in case of event goal is not linked to any particalar pageview.

Consider segments that will include sessions within particular page titile pageview or Advanced View filter to catch your page title and write in to session level custom dimension