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Goal completion and calculated metric by device/default channe filtered by goal completion location

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Dear all,


I have two goals set up in Google Analytics: goal 1 number of comments submitted, destination goal 2 which is visits to a number of pages.


I have created a Calculated metric that divides goal 1 by goal 2 since overall Conversion Rate is no use to me. This metric works well which is cool.


Since I am only interested in some visits for goal 2 (on some pages the process to comment is not online but offline) I want to filter in only the pages that I'm interested in for my calculated metric and my goal 1 completions.


f I create a widget > metric within my dashboards I'm ok to add a filter by goal completion location or by goal 1 completions. However, if I create a widget > table > and I add device category or default channel grouping as dimensions the goal completion location can't be selected as filter, and the other way around, if I don't enter the device category or channel grouping as dimensions but 'month' for example then I'm able to select the filter goal completion location.


I really need to dig in and see this metric I have created by specific pages. I can't create a new destination goal that looks only at those pages so the filter is my best shot. Does anyone know how I can overcome this incompatibility problem please? 


Thanks and Regards, A.