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Understand information in your reports and troubleshoot reporting issues such as self-referrals, (not set) data, and inaccurate information
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Glid in Analytics

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Is it possible to see the Glid in Analytics? We had an event tag and goal issue and want to back fill some data (about one week's worth). I am doing a view of Page with a secondary dimension of google/cpc, but we aren't completely confident the data is correct. We *think* if we can verify the traffic via the Gclid, we would be closer to confirming the validity of the data.




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October 2016

Glid in Analytics

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Hi Andrea,

No it is not possible to see GCLID in the Analytics interface.


GCLID is a dynamically generated value that is appended to the back of your destination URL when a user clicks on your ad. GCLID basically consists of data related to the AdWords campaign, keyword, etc. that led to the click which is then tracked back to attribute the appropriate value to.


Hope this helps.




Glid in Analytics

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Yes, that information does help. Thank you very much.