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Getting Error in User Traffic Count

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I have been notified that there might be some issues with tracking users and pageviews on Google Analytics.
So, I have created my own script for tracking users, visitors and page views.
In my script, I am taking IP, date and page view. If there are multiple visits on site from same IP and same date, then it will increase page speed + 1 each time.
So, we don’t have multiple IP on same time only pageviews increases.
I can see that there are approx 1200 total IPs which has accessed our site on 22 NOV, but when I check in GA, then it shows approx 200, a huge difference between my tracking and GA. I am assuming that you should have any filter which I didn’t add in my script.
Can you please share your suggestion that why we have only approx 200 visitors/users showing in GA and a large number according to my script as I am saving IPs of visitor or loggend in users.

let me know if I need to share my script as well.


Also, I am using both the universal script and Google Analytic Script on my website and both are showing me different results.


Please solve this issue.


Thanks & Regards,