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GOAL shows 0% success even though that Filter shows results in last 7 days

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My goal Funnel Visualization shows 0% success in last 7 days (ending in May 4th)

However, it does show 49 entries into the start of the funnel.

And Goal Flow shows 10% success rate


But the final page IS in the history

And if I filter the Behavior>All Pages for the last Funnel page  for the last 7 days, i GET hits on the final goal page.


Reverify Goal does not “see” the entry pages that the Goal above saw

If I create a funnel based on just the first (entry) page Re-verify shows 0% success in last 7 days.


What I've tried


  • The match type  is the same (Begins  with) for the Goal and all Funnel Steps (and my test Funnel with one page, and the Filter that finds the page)
  • Confirmed That I am in the right Property and View
  • Dates are correct range
  • No filter applied except "include only my IP address"
  • The pages the goal is not finding are in the GA History