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GA not showing from a specific referrer

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GA seems to be working except that it is not showing any views from a specific referrer I know should be sending me a lot of traffic. This specific website referrer used to show up as one of my top 3 referrals each month and now it shows 0 for this past month. Thank you for any advice. My website is

Re: GA not showing from a specific referrer

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I am unable to open your site but from the description it looks like there might be redirect happening which would explain why the referrals is 0.
redirect like http to https, www to non-www and vice-versa are most likely to cause this error because the links on your referral are not updated and contains pre redirect links. To fix this you would have to update the linking to post redirect links

Hope this helps,

Noman karim

Re: GA not showing from a specific referrer

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Thank you! Sorry I am kind of new at all this. So do I just need to get a
plugin and set 301 redirects to get rid of 404 errors? Thanks

Re: GA not showing from a specific referrer

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have you made any code changes or added a new plugin in the last month? i am seeing that you have multiple google analytics tracking code installed on your side and you are also using Google tag manager. i advice you to check your site again and remove the unwanted analytics tags.

I would also suggest you remove the analytics code and connect analytics using google tag manager to get reports. here is a good tutorial we have written about installing google tag manager in wordpress.


one more thing, install google tag assistant extension for chrome to check the status of your website analytics tags.

try to fix these issues and hopefully you will get accurate reports. read this article for fixing the reading

Hope you will find this helpful and if you still having issues please ask again.

Good Luck Smiley Happy