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GA Report is not showing the event counter

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I need some help. I notice that the GA report is not showing the event counter even though it is tracked in GA real time.


These are the steps I did:

  • Send a GA event to correct Tracking Id
  • The event counter is shown at the GA real time
  • Refresh GA report (even after 24 hours) and it still does not show the event counter

I have checked these:

  • Make sure the Admin -> Account -> All Filters is empty
  • Make sure the Admin -> View -> Filters is empty

What could be wrong with my account?


GA Report is not showing the event counter

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Hey Suwarno,

Are you passing Event Category and Event Action because without it data will not be shown in reports.


GA Report is not showing the event counter

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Hi Norman,


Thanks for help. The Event Category and Event Action are not empty.


I am using same code to send GA event to different tracking ID, the event counter is shown in both Real Time and GA Report (after 5 minutes).


So, that's why I thought it is due to filters setting. But when I checked on both accounts, both filters are empty.


Is there any other setting that you know that will filter the GA report result?

GA Report is not showing the event counter

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Hey Suwarno,

Could you post the screenshot of your GA Event report?




Re: GA Report is not showing the event counter

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Hi Suradha,


Here I attached 2 screenshot for GA event and GA real time.


As you can see, the GA realtime detects two event categories for Music with event action tap-newreleases and tap-topcharts. That real time event was 16 minutes ago.




I perform a refresh on GA event report. However it is still shown as zero events.

As you can see, yesterday there were some events, I find that sometimes it is shown in the GA report and most of the time it is not. Mostly on daily basis, there is supposed to be around 200 total events. What confuse me is, it is recorded in GA realtime, however when view in GA event report, somehow it is not shown.