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GA Classic Expiring Soon? and 2 More Advanced GA Questions!

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  1. We heard some rumors that GA Classic will no longer be available, is this the case? In addition to Universal Analytics (everyday use), we mainly rely on the utm z in Classic GA in creating a cookie to record acquisition channel into our back end database. If GA Classic will actually expire, is there a reliable workaround, since utm info is not always available in the URL?

  2. In the time lag report, is GA basically counting the number of days users take to convert or complete a goal, using this kind of formula?
    day of conversion - first day of website visit = time lag in days

  3. By default, GA keeps campaign parameters for 6 months, for use in its last non-direct attribution. My question is, if someone first visits our site through a non-direct source like AdWords, then comes back via direct, does the second session (which GA also sees as an AdWords session) reset the 6 month campaign timeout period? Or does the 6 month continues counting down from the first AdWords session.