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Funnels on Google Analytics don't match those on Hotjar

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Hi all,

I've set up a destination goal with 2 previous steps. When I visualise the funnel there's something I'm not sure is right. 

There's a drop in sessions in the first step but no drop from second to third (and last) steps. I've set up a funnel with Hotjar and there it says that there's a drop from second to third step unlike on Google Analytics. Does anyone know of any incoherence between these two platforms please?

I've set up the funnels as follows:

Google Analytics
Destination: begins with /resource/ (there are many destination pages so grouping them)

Step 1 not required is /qs (home page)
Step 2 regular expression /search\?.* (many pages here again so trying to group them as well)

Step 1 simple match home page (in hotjar the full url needs to be entered)
Step 2 regular expression /search\?.*
Step 3 (since there's no destination page in hotjar) starts with full url entered

Any thoughts on this would be highly appreciated. Thanks and Regards, A.

Re: Funnels on Google Analytics don't match those on Hotjar

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I personally have never used Hotjar but have spent considerable time and energy trying to understand reasons behind discrepancies between different analytics platforms like GA, Mix Panel, Apsalar, Tune and several others. 

There are numerous reasons why 2 analytics tools report different numbers some of them are as below

  • Different attribution methods : Last visit, last non direct visit, last paid visit, etc
  • Different attribution windows: 30 days, 180 days, etc
  • Miss-firing codes of one of the tools
  • Different reporting periods : Sounds quite hard to believe but I have experienced this.
  • Session vs User level reporting
  • and many more. 

I cant really comment confidently on what is wrong with your setup or if there is anything wrong with your set up because discrepancy does not necessarily mean error. But I have noticed the way 1st and 3rd steps defined are a little different. That can be one of the reasons. 

If numbers are not matching is discrepancy at least consistent? and are trends matching?



Regards, Nik
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