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Firebase Demo Project: FAQs and Feature Requests

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The Firebase demo project includes data from the Flood It! App (Android and iOS), a real gaming app with in-app purchases. Flood It! is a puzzle game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in less than the allowed steps. Therefore, the data in the Firebase Demo Project is typical of what you might see for a gaming app.


The Demo Project has a number of Firebase features enabled: Analytics, Crash Reporting, Test Lab, Notifications and Remote Config. We’ll be enabling more features in the future.


Please share any feature requests or ideas to make the Demo Project more useful within this post. Also please use this post to let us know if you need any help with the demo project. We have answered FAQs below.


Getting Access


Q: I do not have a Firebase project, can I still access this?

A: Yes. You only need to be able to log into a Google Account, if you do not have one you can create one by going here. When you have an account proceed to the Firebase Demo Project help article where you can opt in to allow Google to add the Firebase Demo Project to your Firebase console. A Firebase console is available to anyone with a Google account at  


Q: Do I need to access the Demo Project via the Demo Project help article every time?

A: After following the instructions to access the Demo Project once, the demo project will always be available to you via the Firebase console. You can remove the demo project from your Firebase console by following the removal instructions in the help article.


Q: I am a Google Analytics Certified Partner / Firebase Partner / Google Analytics 360 client, how do I get access?

A: You can access the Demo Project just as any user would i.e. via the help article.


Q: Can vendors / agencies / my friends get access?

A: Access is available to anyone with a Google Account.


Q: Is this Demo Project just for Firebase Analytics?

A: The Demo Project is for Firebase which includes the Firebase Analytics feature. Other features available in the demo project include Crash Reporting, Notifications, Test Lab, Google Tag Manager and Remote Config features. The following Firebase features are not currently in use by the Demo Project:


  1. Auth
  2. Database
  3. Storage
  4. Hosting
  5. Dynamic Links


Q: Will this give me access to a Google Analytics for Mobile Apps demo account?

A: The Demo Project relates to Firebase only.


Q: Firebase Analytics has an integration with BigQuery. Do you have a BigQuery demo project that has Firebase Analytics data?

A: Yes, this data is not from the Flood It! app though and unrelated to the Firebase Demo Project. Useful links: blog post, Android dataset here and iOS dataset is here.


Using the Demo Project


Q: What level of access do I have?

A: Users have View access to the Demo Project, so they can operate within it just like any other project where they have View access e.g. apply filters to Firebase Analytics reports but not create audiences.


Q: Can I access data within the Demo Project via the Firebase API?

A: Data within the demo project can only be accessed via the Firebase interface. Neither a CSV export or an API is offered by Firebase at the moment.


Q: If I access the demo project can I remove it later?

A: To remove your access to the Demo Project, follow the steps below. You can always get access to the Demo Project again.


  1. Sign in to Google
  2. Visit the firebase-demo-users Google Group
  3. Select My Settings on the top-right of the Group’s page (button with user and gear icons)
  4. Select Leave this group


Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 11.42.49 AM.png

Leave group functionality within Google Groups


Q: Certain features are not setup e.g. Auth, Database, etc, will these be added?

A: If you would like to see these features or any others, please do let us know via this post.

Happy demoing!

Posted by Deepak Aujla

Program Manager, Google Analytics

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Firebase Demo Project: FAQs and Feature Requests

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Hey Deepak,


Thanks for sharing FAQs.


Could you please help to find the way to send the post back to facebook and Twitter for App Install campaign.


Firebase Demo Project: FAQs and Feature Requests

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Removing the firebase demo project by leaving the firebase-demo-users Google Group does not work, so currently it is not possible to remove the demo project. Is there any other way?

Firebase Demo Project: FAQs and Feature Requests

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Nevermind, I was able to remove the project by re-joining the group (linking my corporate address) and leaving the group again after a few minutes.