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Facebook page with separate ad tracking.

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Please can someone help me figure out a bit more about Facebook tracking on GA? I have asked about it before and the answer was really helpful and now I have some more questions!


I have a FB page that drives traffic to site and I also have an agency doing an ad campaign for me that is sponsored posts that are not linked to my page, they only display on other people's feeds to drive traffic to site. The only traffic I see on GA is either channel - social followed by /l.php or /.home.php which I believe is from the FB page itself and/ or self referral, so wouldn't be the ad, is that correct? I also have /a.php showing as a referral path, what is this?


I can see traffic from channel - Referral - Facebook - will this be the ad that the agency is running for us or could it also be our FB page?


How can I find out which traffic is from the ad and which is from the Facebook page please?



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Re: Facebook page with separate ad tracking.

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Hi Lauren,

I think you need to pass UTM parameter to segregate the Traffic. By passing custom parameter, you can easily see the traffic source as well as traffic medium. e.g campaign for FB Sponsored pass the source=FB and Medium= CPC.

--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: Facebook page with separate ad tracking.

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Hi Rakesh,

That is really helpful, thank you.

Do you know what the difference is between traffic that shows as channels - social - facebook and channels - referral - facebook?

Why does some traffic show as social and some as referral?